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I am Roxanne and I am raunchy, racy and your wildest dreams come true. I am a little older than some of the other love dolls, but I think that this means that I am not only confident in myself and my body, which I love to show off to you, but also in what I want.

Sure, other girls might be your plaything, but I want to play with you. After all, who says that guys should get to have all the fun?

With my wild hair and stunning eyes, I am the type of girl that is going to turn heads when I walk down the street and doesn’t that give you such a thrill? Knowing that the other guys are going to want me, but that I only have eyes for you.

If you see me in my favourite outfit then you know that underneath it all, there is something waiting just for you and isn’t that a thrill?

They may have told me never to put on the red light, but for you, my light is always green!

£0.00 Blue
£0.00 Brown
£0.00 Green
Very Pale Skin + £25.00 
£25.00 Very Pale Skin
Pale Skin + £25.00 
£25.00 Pale Skin
Pink Skin + £25.00 
£25.00 Pink Skin
Medium Skin + £25.00 
£25.00 Medium Skin
Tinted Skin + £25.00 
£25.00 Tinted Skin
Dark Skin + £25.00 
£25.00 Dark Skin
Skin + £7.00 
£7.00 Skin
Pink + £8.00 
£8.00 Pink
Light Brown + £7.00 
£7.00 Light Brown
£0.00 Brown
Shaved + £25.00 
£25.00 Shaved
Course + £25.00 
£25.00 Course
Brazillian + £25.00 
£25.00 Brazillian
Brown + £25.00 
£25.00 Brown
£0.00 Natural
Painted Red
£0.00 Painted Red
Detachable + £35.00 
£35.00 Detachable
£0.00 Standard
£0.00 Standard
Premium + £35.00 
£35.00 Premium
More details
Material: TPE / Silicone Sex Doll with metal skeleton
Outfit: 1 Random outfit
Length: 157cm
Hip: 76cm
Means: 48cm
Chest: 66cm
Weight: 28KG
Delivery Time: 3 - 4 weeks
Your sex doll in detail

Introducing the entertainer Roxanne from WMDolls, the well-crafted silicone sex doll with internal steel skeletal framework and movable joints using advanced technology to enable the  Roxanne sex doll to pose and hold all sorts of sexy positions. Roxanne is able to pleasure you with her mouth, vagina and ass, all of our life like sex dolls all come with realistic dimensions and you can opt to choose the internal vaginal structure which is removable for easy cleaning.

Sex with your love doll has never been so intoxicating. The original Roxanne sex doll is 157 cm in height, a slim delicate figure and fun perky breasts, remember anything more than a hanful is a waste! The Roxanne love doll comes with a dark brown wig and in her original state has exotic green eyes.  

Fantasy Dolls prides itself on selling the best sex dolls available today working with leading sex doll brands that take extra care in creating realistic and life size sex dolls, all of which can be customised to suit your pleasure.


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