The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Sex Dolls

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Sex Dolls

The amount we spend on a sex doll can vary depending on what of experience we’re looking for, but we need to ensure that we’re looking after out sex dolls in the same way we would with any other sex toy, such as dildos and anal butt plugs.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Sex Dolls
by King King
Jun 9th 2019

To many, the concept of a sex doll is a simple one, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some factors you need to consider beforehand.

The amount we spend on a sex doll can vary depending on what of experience we’re looking for, but we need to ensure that we’re looking after out sex dolls in the same way we would with any other sex toy, such as dildos and anal butt plugs.

We've put together the ultimate guide on how to use sex dolls and the following tips will ensure that you’re getting the best from your new purchase, and you’re able to enjoy your new sex doll for the long term.

Ensure You Open the Package Carefully

Although it’s exciting to receive a brand-new sex doll, it’s important not to be too rough when opening the packages, as the last thing you need is a damage sex doll before it’s even been used.

Some packages are easier to open than others, but it’s always useful to have the right tools to hand. A boxcutter is the ideal solution, but it’s still important not to cut too deep, otherwise, you could end up cutting into your new sexual partner.

It can also be useful to set the box aside so it can be stored easily afterwards.

Get Clean Before Getting Dirty

There’s no doubt that you will want to get dirty with your new partner sooner rather than later, it’s important that cleanliness is top of the agenda. For example, dirty hands may distort the look of your new sex doll, so taking a few minutes to wash your hands can ensure that there are no smudges or stains on your sex doll.  

Ensure All Accessories are Taken Out of the Box

Although some packages may contain the doll alone, others may contain some accessories such as lube or clothing. Simply tossing the box aside could mean that you end up incurring some expense, and not getting the full benefit from your new sex doll.

Personalising Your Sex Doll

Many will be happy to have fun with the doll in its original guise, but others will want to add some additional personality to their doll or carry out their fantasy with the use of clothing and outfits.

Even if your sex doll doesn’t come with an outfit, there are plenty of options available online that will help you fulfil your fantasies, regardless of what they consist off. What’s more, they’re often as easy to clean as everyday clothes, so there’s no need to hold back in the heat of the moment.

The positioning of the doll can vary depending on what kind of sex doll you’ve purchased. Some may be poised in a permanent position, while others allow you to try a lot of positions. This can be another important factor to consider before purchasing a sex doll.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll

Cleaning a sex doll is one of the most important aspects of caring for your sex doll, so it’s essential to have the right items to hand to ensure that a thorough clean can be carried out. However, it’s important to ensure that we don’t become too anal when caring for our sex doll, otherwise, the shorten the sex doll’s lifespan.

The things you will need to carry out a thorough clean of your sex doll is as follows:

  • Antibacterial Soap

  • Talcum Powder

  • Sponge or Cloth

  • Non-Abrasive Drying Cloth

  • Strong Paper Towels

In some situations, a sex doll may come with its own cleaning kit that can be used.

It is recommended that a sex doll be cleaned at least every 14 days, but this can depend on how often the doll is used. Excessive session could mean that a clean is required afterwards,

How the sex doll is cleaned can also vary depending on the design of the doll. Some may have removable parts, whereas others may not.

Sex dolls with removable parts are easier to clean and can normally take a few minutes. Dolls that don’t have removable parts may require a different approach that can take longer.

If you’re looking to limit the time spent cleaning your sex doll, then it can be worthwhile carrying out some research before making a purchase.

Caring for your Doll’s Hair

In some instance, the sex doll you use may have a hair as a permanent fixture, where other sex dolls may use a wig.

In either instance, you should care for the hair of your sex doll the same way you would your own, and that’s with the use of a mild shampoo and conditioner, as well as a comb.

If there is a removable wig, then this needs to be removed and washed thoroughly and then allowed to dry naturally.

If you’re unable to remove the wig, then simply massage the mild shampoo and condition into the hair of the sex doll and rinse thoroughly. As before, leave to dry naturally before using again, otherwise, it could become dirty again within a few seconds.

Storing your Sex Doll

Storing you sex doll is another important aspect of its welfare. It’s useful to have a dedicated living space for your doll, be it an empty cupboard or room. Although it’s tempting to store with other possession, if there are sharp objects within the vicinity, it could mean that your sex doll has a short life span.

Keeping you doll clear of sharp objects and dusty environment ensures that you can get the full value from you new sex doll.

If you have the original box the sex doll came in, then this should be used to safeguard your sex doll moving forward.

There can be some work and consideration needed to get the most from your sex doll, but taking some time to research what kind of doll suits your needs best and what needs to be done to ensure you’re getting longevity, and more importantly, pleasure from you new purchase.