We’ll try and answer all of your questions here that we frequently get asked.  Don’t worry if you have some specific questions you can contact us by email or telephone and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.


How long will it take for my sex doll to be delivered

We aim to make and deliver your doll between 7 and 21 days, this depends on the doll you choose and the level of customisation. Once you have purchased your Fantasy Doll we will email you to confirm the exact delivery date.


Will I have to pay any import duties or customs taxes on my sex doll?

Everything is included in the price, there are no hidden costs for our customers.  However, certain countries may ask you to pay additional import charges, on this occasion Fantasy Dolls are not responsible for this charge.


What comes with my Fantasy sex doll?

Fantasy sex dolls are shipped naked and a random wig and outfit is supplied as part of your purchase. Typically the female dolls include a piece of lingerie or negligee. The male dolls include a boxer and a tank top.


Can I have my Fantasy sex doll delivered to a different address?

Fantasy Dolls can only be delivered to a verified shipping address, this is the address that is associated with you credit or debit card.


Can I cancel my order?

Due to the customization of our dolls unfortunately once the production starts, you will not be able to cancel your order.


Will my Fantasy sex doll be delivered discreetly?

Discretion is at the heart of everything we do and we understand the need for privacy.  Your Fantasy Doll will be shipped in a large blank box with no indication of it’s contents or where the package has come from.


Is there a possibility the box could be opened in customs?

Yes. There is always a possibility that a Customs Agents may open your doll box for inspection during transport.


Will I be notified about any delay?

Yes.  If there is a delay in production or delivery we will notify you by email directly.  We do our very best to ensure we keep to our production schedule and ensure your Fantasy Doll is delivered on time and to the highest specification.


Will I get a tracking number to follow my order?

Yes. Our delivery partner will generate a tracking number for your shipment and we will ensure this is delivered to you by email, this way you can track the progress of your order.