Fantasy Dolls Care

Fantasy Dolls are the perfect sexual partner and life companion. We want you to be able to enjoy our sex dolls and keep them in the best possible condition, they robust as they are delicate and need to be treated with love and care.  By following our guide below you will be able to enjoy our dolls for the maximum amount of time.


Using your sex doll responsibly

The guide below will help you look after your doll properly.  Here are our top tips to help you get started.

  • It’s a no brainer - avoid sharing your sex dolls, this will help prevent the spread of disease..
  • Personal Hygiene for you and your sex doll - keep you lady clean and follow the guide below as described to clean the vaginal, oral and anal canals after every use, this will help to stop bacteria from growing internally
  • Safe sex with you love doll - We do highly recommend you use a condom, even though you are the only person using your doll.  This will make cleaning your sex doll much easier
  • To help prevent tearing and friction we recommend using a water based lubricant with you love doll.


What kind of lubricant should I use with my sex doll?

Fantasy sex dolls have beautifully delicate skin and need to treated with care.  To avoid permanently damaging your love doll always use a water based lubricant during your sexual adventure - this applies to vagina, anal and oral entrances, this will help to prevent any tears or friction marks.


How should I take care of the skin of my sex doll?

  • Inside your sex doll there is a strong skeleton like framework although this is robust, when you finish your session with your Fantasy doll, it’s important your return her to her natural state, or a stress free position as we like to call it. This means you need to put her arms and legs back in to a natural position.  Don’t leave them up or open for long as this will put stress on the TPE skin material which can lead to damage and tearing in the underarm and groin areas.
  • If you don’t use your sex doll for a few days make sure you leave her in the best position, stress free as above, not on a hard floor - the best position is to hang her with a Closet Bar Suspension Kit to avoid any wrinkles or long term damage.  Treat her like a princess.
  • Keep your love doll away from direct sunlight.  Exposure to sunlight as with humans can actually cause aging of the TPE sex doll skin. TPE sex doll skin contains oils and exposure to direct sunlight will dry the oils out, just like real skin this can cause the TPE material to crack and split.
  • If at any time the skin of your sex doll feels sticky then take some antibacterial soap, wash her down and then simply apply talcum powder to bring her skin back to a soft silky touch.
  • Dress her correctly - unfortunately dark-coloured clothing and leather material will harm your sex doll.  Both of these material contain inks and oil-soluble pigments and can damage your dolls delicate skin.
  • A reminder - we strongly suggest the use of a water based lubricant only. Other lubricants containing silicone or oil can damage your Fantasy Dolls beautiful soft skin.


How to take care of the body of my sex doll

  • Fantasy sex dolls are built using an internal metal skeleton with fixed and movable joints, this allows your sex doll to perform a vast array of sexual poses, it’s normal to find slight marks where the screw fixes are around her joints.
  • Avoid dropping your sex doll or knocking her again walls, doors or any hard objects
  • Although our sex dolls are robust and able to take their own weight, when performing poses such as the doggy style pose we suggest resting her torso on soft pillows or furniture.


How to keep your sex doll clean

To keep your sex doll in top condition you must clean your sex dolls body every 30 days by bathing or showering her with a mild antibacterial soap.

  • Make sure her head or neck are not submerged under the water.
  • The same applies to her face, you can use a wet towel to cleanse her face.
  • When drying your sex dolls TPE skin use a soft absorbent towel and gently pat her body dry after cleansing.
  • Once she is totally dry, apply gently talcum powder to maintain your sex dolls soft life like skin
  • Never use a hair drier or anything similar to dry her skin out.


How do I clean the vaginal, oral and anal part of your sex doll?

  • Please make sure you clean your sex doll after every sexual use
  • TPE sex doll skin is far more porous than silicone so this means it’s easier for bacteria to form in the vaginal, oral and anal cavities.
  • Use a mild antibacterial soap and water, to help clean this area a vaginal irrigator is useful.  Remember to remove all of the soap, rinse thoroughly and them hang on the Closet Bar Suspension Kit to dry properly
  • Apply talcum powder once you have finished cleaning your sex doll, this will keep the TPE sex doll skin supple and soft like its original state
  • If you have a removable vagina, follow the same directions above, however before inserting back into the sex doll, apply talcum powder inside and outside of the vaginal canal


What clothing can I use on my sex doll?

It can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove discolouration from a sex dolls TPE skin.  As we mentioned earlier TPE compared to silicone is very porous:

  • Remember to use only colour transfer resistant clothing
  • Do not use leather
  • Use a dedicated sex doll stain remover to remove any clothing stains


Caring for your sex dolls hair

With every sex doll we supply a wig, which can be removed easily. To clean your doll's hair, remove her wig and wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

  • Do not use a hairdryer and just allow it dry naturally
  • Use a wig stand if possible and gently comb her hair starting from the bottom and upward